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Of Hope in all it’s shapes and forms

Today, I picked up Fritz (as he is to be known for now) the Doberman from Ara Ampang Animal Medical Centre.  His owners had asked for him to be put down because he had become paralyzed but Dr Jonathan got in touch with me asking about Reiki and Acupuncture.  In the end, we decided Fritz would come to my house.

Note: I have been called arrogant and foolish.  Today, I realised, it’s true :(

When I got Fristz to the house, the magnitude of what I have volunteered for erupted in my face.  After introducing him to my pack and settling the sweetie down on a nice mattress, I went in to investigate wheelchairs for dogs.  The severity of his disability having already shocked me to my core.

After ten minutes, I went outside and had my closest brush to a hysterial fit as I have ever had in my life.  There was blood EVERYWHERE.  First I thought one of the dogs had killed another.  Then I though, one of the dogs had eaten some part of another dog.  Then….worse thoughts ran through my mind.

When the red haze of terror and panic abated, I realised, Fritz had been ‘walking’ around the porch with Tristan and the blood was from the wounds on his back legs where they dragged along on the floor.  Realising my distressed, Tristan and Sheeri quietly snuck under the bench and hid their faces.

Taking (I’d like to say a few but reality disagrees) moments to calm myself, I manouevered Fritz back to his spot, leashed him to a sturdy table and went up stairs to pray and recover.  20 minutes later, I packed the bemused children into the are, went to the shop and picked up Kiss and Anya’s old crate, some washable wee wee mats, a longer leash and a selection of other items which I thought I might be able to fashion into a makeshift/temporary walking aid.  Amy, Erika and Olivia seemed unnaturally calm.

Then my Facebook/Twitter breakdown erupted.

And wonderful people from around the world responded. Moral support flowed in and honestly, it helped!  Dr Bel recommends cage rest, regular assisted walks and suspects possible ivermectin toxicity.  And/or a slipped disc.  Yen messaged me with contacts for Dr Dom who has a doggie wheelchair I might be able to borrow and for Lydia, a pet physiotherapist, whose own story is so inspiring, I’m sharing the link here.  Made me feel like a total wimp to be moaning and groaning when Lydia’s Hope was much worse off!  Dr Susanna has agreed to squeeze us in on Christmas Eve and Katarina will send Reiki this evening.  The kids even drew Fritz a picture to look at so he wouldn’t be too bored in the crate :)

The Universe sent help in so many ways and shapes, I now have hope.  Thank you all!  He’s now resting in his borrowed crate, with bandaged feet.  He had a good meal and has a bone to entertain him if it pleases him.

However, I think Fritz needs a new name…so let the suggestions roll in.